It's a Family Affair…KRA Style!

It’s one thing to Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence from a “safe” distance of advocacy and concern for its victims, but quite another when it erupts right before your eyes, as it did for Career Agent Michaela Smalls, PGWorks, KRA-operated for the Prince George’s County [MD] Department of Social Services.

Michaela  reports, “A frightening situation occurred down the hall from the KRA office in Landover when ‘Mr. Parker’ arrived with his 4-month old baby.  Apparently, the child’s mother was waiting for them, and almost immediately began attacking him verbally–and physically!  After law-enforcement officials intervened, Mr. Parker disclosed that he was being abused on a consistent basis, and feared for their safety.

I knew of three individuals who could offer immediate crisis-intervention assistance: my mother, Denise Delamar, John L. Young Center for the Homeless [DC], my father, Michael Smalls, DC Department of Employment Services; and my aunt, Michelle Smalls, Baltimore Catholic Charities.

Our inter-agency ‘family partnership’ sprang into action, and we were successful in relocating Mr. Parker and his child to a family shelter, the location of which is unknown, of course, to the mother.  We are continuing to support Mr. Parker in finding employment and child-care assistance so that their lives can soon return to some degree of normalcy.”