Hope Reborn for KRA Customer

At 17, Janiece was a high school senior excited about graduation and college.  A bright, accomplished student, she had already been accepted by several institutions to study Criminal Justice.

However, Janiece’s hopes were dashed when, before graduation, her family relocated to another state.  Attempts to have scholastic records transferred in a timely manner to the new school district failed, and Janiece did not graduate.

Extreme disappointment overtook Janiece, leading to a state of inertia that she just could not shake.  So, at 19, still feeling kind of “lost”, Janiece enrolled in the WIA Out of School Youth Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Camden County Workforce Investment Board.

Customized assessment, career-path planning, and job-readiness coaching  gave Janiece new hope and motivation to prepare for the future—resulting in certification in two career fields, Hospitality Services Gold and Microsoft Digital Literacy, and a job!

Microsogt Digital Literacy Certificate

Capitalizing on both credentials, Janiece interviewed with historic McGuire Gardens, built in 1954 as Camden’s first integrated public housing, for a Recreational Support position and was hired the same day!

Felicia Wessels, KRA/Camden Program Manager, concluded, “Janiece is continuing to follow her career-path plan, testing for her GED this month.  If her progress to date is any indication, we are confident she will pass, clearing the way for her to re-apply for college.”