KRA Customers Inspired by Entrepreneurial Success Story


When Tiffany Largie, renowned Business Strategies Expert, approached the KRA Educational Department team of the DC TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated for the DC Department of Human Services, offering to share her personal journey to successful entrepreneurship, KRA/TEP staff and customers  welcomed the opportunity to attend one of her dynamic symposia.

A single mother of two, Ms. Largie had overcome personal and workplace challenges very similar to those experienced by many KRA/TEP customers, some of whom had expressed interest in eventually creating their own business enterprises.

David Holman, KRA/TEP Job Developer, commented, “Ms. Largie’s personal testimony and subsequent successes touched the hearts and minds of our customers and staff alike. She genuinely wants to inspire our entrepreneurial hopefuls, and has pledged to be available to any customers seeking meaningful small-business mentorship.”

Enjoy Ms. Largie’s incredible! informational! inspirational! video at Tiffany Largie.



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