Customer Service: KRA/VIEW Style – Part 2

The second part of this series continues focusing on KRA Corporation’s commitment to excellence in customer service, including a description of a specific event related to the Norfolk VIEW Program, and how it personifies KRA’s dedication in this area.

The VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program* is operated by KRA for the Norfolk Department of Human Services (NDHS), as an integral component of the NDHS Workforce Development Center (WDC), a comprehensive one-stop resource that benefits both Norfolk jobseeker- and employer-customers alike.

Staff are co-located at the WDC and work collaboratively, with KRA serving VIEW-eligible customers who are referred through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)system, and NDHS Employment Specialists providing services for non-VIEW customers.

The following represents NDHS’ confidence in the KRA/VIEW Program’s dedication to customer service, and the ability of the KRA Program Manager, Alisha Bazemore, in guiding NDHS customer-service providers to reflect on the quality of the assistance they provide.

In the fall of 2013, the NDHS Program Supervisor requested that Bazemore lead a segment of their Customer Service Refresher Training Program, conducted for 50 Eligibility and Benefit Worker staff members from various NDHS units.  Due to her demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities in the area of customer service, Bazemore’s assigned topic was Would You do Business with You?, with the objective of examining the “3 Ps” of customer service no-no’s: Profiling, Passing the Buck, and Lack of Pleasantries!

At the time, Bazemore made this comment on her experience: “Overall, the attendees appeared to be very engaged and excited about the information that was delivered during the training.  I actually received a round of applause! I really appreciated the on-going feedback offered throughout the session; it let me know that I was ‘on track’, and that they found it an enjoyable learning experience.

Bazemore continued, “I provided printed Customer Service Tips that my KRA/VIEW team and I use, and hoped that they will serve as a daily reminder as to what excellent customer service is all about.  KRA Corporation prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, and believes that it is evident in the work that we do for NDHS, our client, and the VIEW Program.  It’s just the KRA way of doing business.”

Subsequently, it was reported to KRA that the NDHS Program Supervisor and Benefit Worker Supervisor, both of whom facilitated other segments of the training program, expressed their appreciation to the company and to Bazemore, mentioning how wonderful her training was.

Customer Service: KRA/VIEW Style – Part 1

*KRA/VIEW offers direct- and referral services related to community- and public-service work experience opportunities; GED preparation; Occupational Skills and On-the-Job Training; job development, placement, and retention; and supportive services.  VIEW provides job-retention services for up to 12 months after customers are employed.