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Our December Spotlight! is shining brightly on…storage containers?  Of the many businesses and organizations–e.g. the ARC of San Diego, the Balboa International Group, the YMCA–participating in the KRA/San Diego Expanded Subsidized Employment Program, San Diego Drums & Totes might well be the most unique!

Angel Stancer, ESE Business Services Representative for the San Diego Metro Region Career Centers, operated by KRA for the San Diego Workforce Partnership, reports, “Drums & Totes is a major distributor and vendor of barrels, buckets, jugs, plastic and metal drums, IBC [Intermediate Bulk Container] totes, and various other accessories and storage containers, in every color, pattern, shape, and size imaginable!

When I approached Starr Skinner, the owner, we developed an immediate rapport and connection when he learned of all the benefits and services available to his business through a partnership with the Career Centers and ESE.  Mr. Skinner has been so pleased with our placement results, he has referred us to his sister company, Pacific Exports, which is also hiring through ESE now.”

Starr stated, “I am excited to have a partnership with the ESE Program.  Not only do I receive wage reimbursement for my new hires, but I also receive reliable and hard-working employees from our community.  Angel has been great to work with.  She pre-screens candidates for me, and is prompt in her responses when I have questions or concerns.  Whenever I have open positions within my company, I turn to the ESE Program first with my hiring needs.”

Stancer continued, “ESE is a wonderful workplace experience and learning opportunity for our customers, but not a guarantee of permanent employment.  Similar to probationary periods that businesses utilize for new hires, ESE provides employers and the new employees a chance to work together and get to know each other. We are pleased that 100% of ESE workers at Drums & d Totes have been successful in retaining their jobs after subsidization ended, even receiving wage increases!  Also, at least two ESE customers have been acknowledged for their excellent customer service through Drums & Totes’ reviews.”

Skinner chose to invest some of the ESE funds he received to promote his business, creating a Drums and Totes commercial, which includes ESE employees! Watch it here:

Planning a warehouse expansion of approximately 6,000 SF, Skinner trusts KRA/San Diego, and Angel and her ESE co-workers, to fill his workforce requirements for additional qualified workers, while he focuses his time and energy on the growth of San Diego Drums and Totes!

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