KRA Shares “Pantry” With WD Professionals

KRA/CTWorks’ Karen Brown, Assistant Director;  Alberto Magriz, Team Lead; and Jerry Santostefano, Customer Service Representative/Office Assistant, attended the 4th Annual New England Professional Development Conference for Workforce Development Professionals as presenters for the KRA Corporation’s innovative Pantry Point Program (PPP). Designed as an incentive program, customers who meet their employment plan requirements can redeem points at the Pantry for a wide variety of foodstuffs and other products.

Brown provided the introduction, covering our client, Capital Workforce Partners; our region; case loads; participation rates; and staffing. Magriz described PPP goals, products, order forms, etc. Santostefano gave an overview of the general administration of the PPP and the computer systems used to track inventory control, point redemptions, and product usage.

As an update, the PPP scored big in June with more than 2,500 items distributed to customers via point redemptions. For the FY that ended June 30, 2010, the PPP racked up some impressive numbers: 7,800 items processed for 1,550 orders!