Renee J. Brooks, Program Manager

Renee Brooks, Program Manager

Renee joined KRA in 2014 as a Career Agent/Retention Case Manager/Team Lead, totally prepared for such a multi-service position due to expertise developed through years of experience assisting jobseekers on public assistance to break through barriers to employment—including homelessness.  Promoted to her current position in 2016, Renee oversees the operations of an urban-area TANF Job Placement Program, through which she continues to ensure services of the utmost quality, supporting customers in achieving sustainable employment through barrier remediation and targeted skills development. In addition to certifications in Workforce and Career Development and Facilitating Career Development Training, earned through TAD Grants’ Professional Development for Workforce & Career Practitioners, and Family Credentialing Certification Renee holds a BA in Human Services from Sojourner Douglas College, Baltimore, Maryland.