Allied Health Training Programs

The U.S. Healthcare Industry faces the dual challenge of attracting and retaining replacements for retiring workers, while expand­ing its workforce to care for an aging population. Professionals in the Allied Health sector comprise 60% of the Healthcare workforce, representing as many as 100 different occupations.  Also, of the 50+ fastest-growing professions, it is estimated that 42% will be in Allied Health–with a projected shortage of qualified workers to fill many positions.

KRA’s Allied Health training has a flexible service-delivery model in a stand-alone school setting, or integrated with a TANF or WIOA program, preparing participants for industry-recognized certificates and credentials required to succeed in particular in-demand occupations.  Structured classroom instruction, combined with a hands-on “externship” component, ensures coverage of both the clinical and administrative aspects of the duties and responsibilities required to succeed in a particular Allied Health occupation.  KRA also provides program graduates with job-search, placement, and retention services.

KRA offers turnkey education and training programs that prepare students to work in the Allied Health sector, assisting Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, and other medical professionals to make our healthcare system function. Connect with KRA expand your training program with KRA Allied Health Training.