Age No Barrier to Employment for KRA Customers: Part 2

As originally reported, Cynthia, Verndell, and Rhonda appeared to have little in common: two are single and have no children, and one is married with 3 children.  Occupationally, one is finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, one is dedicated to the Nursing profession, and the other’s passion is Accounting.  Lastly, customary gross pay for the ladies ranges from approximately $60-to-$155/day.

However, upon getting to know them better, the first two similarities emerge: all reside in  South Carolina, and all sought workforce development services through the Waccamaw Region SCWorks One Stop Career Centers Program, operated by KRA Corporation.  In addition to all being deemed eligible for either Adult or Dislocated Worker services, the third similarity is perhaps the most striking…all are over 50!

Cynthia’s inspiring story at recounted her success in earning an Associate in Applied Science in Accounting degree, and landing a job…the same month she graduated…as an Assistant Corporate Controller!  Here now is Rhonda’s success story:

Single, 52, with no children, Rhonda has been matriculating online with Strayer University since August 2009, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Sherell Robinson, KRA Career Agent, reported, “Rhonda was not lacking a strong work history, but unemployment can happen to the best of us.  Prior to enrolling in the KRA SCWorks WIA Program, she had worked as a Customer Service Representative, resolving customer complaints…a job that takes a lot of patience and understanding! She is also a licensed real estate agent.  However, the housing market being what it is, she came to us looking for sustainable employment while she completes her degree with Strayer.”

“After Intake and Orientation, Rhonda and I started developing her Individual Employment Plan [IEP], which included both a short-term employment goal, as well as her long-term career goal in the field of Business Administration.  We started with a Career Scope Assessment Test, on which she scored highest in the Business Detail, Selling, and Humanitarian areas…all excellent attributes for a career in business!”

Robinson continued, “In the short run, Rhonda wanted a job of a clerical nature, and that is the immediate goal we pursued.  As part of her IEP, we worked on her resume and her interviewing skills, a part of which was attending our ‘Dressing for Success’ workshop.  In searching the SCWorks website for opportunities, I came across a Clerk position for the County of Georgetown.  I gave Rhonda the lead, she followed up, got an interview…and the job!”

“Jeffrey Ward, the KRA Business Services Representative for the Georgetown office, informed the hiring manager that Rhonda met the eligibility requirements for the WIA On-the-Job Training [OJT] Program, which could offset 50 to 75 percent of her training costs.  However, the County declined the OJT offer and employed Rhonda on a direct-hire basis!  Her position is part-time for the present, which allows her free time to continue her real estate career.  However, a strong possibility exists that the Clerk position could lead to full-time employment for her, and that would be just great.”