A KRA/San Diego ESE Success Story

Recently, KRA reported that to transition cash-assistance recipients from “Welfare-To-Work” (WTW), CalWORKS added an Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) component. In San Diego County, ESE is administered by the San Diego Workforce Partnership—KRA client for the operation of the San Diego Metro Region American Job Center of California (AJCC).

Deona Dorsey, KRA/AJCC ESE Coordinator, reported “Through an ESE Agreement, employers hire and train WTW participants referred to us, and receive wage subsidies from 100% to 25% over 6 months.  Already, ESE is yielding great results for our employer- and jobseeker-customers.

For example, through ESE, a local Commercial Janitorial Services firm hired 12 WTW customers, who are now working in several government buildings in the County.  Eleven are ‘refugees’—from Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, and Haiti—with major barriers to regular employment, including a lack of basic-English proficiency, transportation, and childcare—to name a few.

Having survived wars and natural disasters in their homeland, they are now coping with the challenges of acculturation in their new home of San Diego.  For most, this is their first job in the US, but through ESE and other KRA/AJCC supportive services, they are now off the WTW road, and on the pathway to self-sufficiency.”

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