A Bright Future Emerges from a Dark Past for KRA Customer

In December 2017, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services referred Alfred Howard, a TCA-TANF recipient, for enrollment in KRA’s Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program, which requires comprehensive Job Readiness Workshops (JRW) and Work Experience (WEX) Internships prior to eligibility for Occupational Skills Training (OST) opportunities.

As a single father of an 11-month-old son, and desperately warding off homelessness, Mr. Howard sometimes engaged in questionable “street activities” for money.  In fact, he was facing criminal charges that jeopardized not only his freedom, but custody of his son!

Shawnda Walker, Lead Job Developer & WEX Site Supervisor, developed a strategic WEX contract for Mr. Howard with Out 4 Justice, Inc. that advocates for offenders to reintegrate into society successfully.

In May 2020, based upon steady progress with both his JRW- and WEX- responsibilities, KRA enrolled Mr. Howard in an OST program for Professional Green Cleaning, through which he earned certifications in OSHA Hazard Communication Standards, Equipment Sanitation, Slip & Fall Prevention, and Worker Safety Training, to name a few.

In July 2021, Ms. Walker developed a job lead for a Driver Helper with Sweeprite Services, Inc., and Nikia Washington, Career Agent, seized the opportunity to obtain an interview for Mr. Howard on August 3.   Sweeprite was so impressed, they hired him on the spot!

With sustainable employment, permanent housing, and reliable childcare, he is already focusing his future in a new direction, acquiring a business license for graphic design services, an achievement he had only dreamed about.

Mr. Howard credits KRA, especially Ms. Washington and Ms. Walker, with providing life-changing guidance, services, and resources that helped him navigate so many challenging situations.

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