KRA Business-Customers Support Juvenile-Offender Initiative

KRA’s Knowledge2Careers (K2C) Academy, funded by the Pacific Gateway Workforce Development Board, provides area businesses with trained and reliable young workers, 17-24, for unfilled positions, simultaneously combating a local 20% youth-unemployment rate.

Long Beach - Juveniles in Blue - 300X226Challenging another statistic gravely affecting the available labor pool—70% juvenile-offender recidivism—Notre Dame University Law School’s GALILEE Program initiated a collaboration, coalescing the Law School, MATFA, KRA/K2C, and the Marine Exchange of Southern California, to engage 60+ youth transitioning from detention at the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

The event, focused on attainable post-incarceration opportunities, produced such positive results that KRA/K2C, MATFA, and the Marine Exchange are continuing the initiative, with each partner providing its own unique set of workforce-preparation services.

KRA/K2C expertise includes intensive educational and skills-training services linked directly  to job opportunities developed with local businesses assisting Los Padrinos youth to become productive, self-supporting members of the community.


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