KRA Introduces Innovative Communications Tool

San Diego - Podcast Concept SignKRA’s San Diego Metro Region Career Center program, operated for the San Diego Workforce Partnership, is launching a new communications medium—podcasting, i.e. making audio files available for downloading to a computer or mobile device, or online streaming.

Diana Saldivar, Social Media Coordinator, reports, “As an increasingly popular method for gaining on-demand access to information and resources, podcasting is an incredible tool for connecting with KRA/San Diego business partners, career-seekers, and community stakeholders about our exceptional programs and services, as well as addressing broader workforce-development topics relevant to our Region.

We are currently soliciting podcast topics, and invite you to take the Podcast Poll to vote for what you want to learn more about.  As developed, monthly podcasts will be available on the San Diego Metro Career Centers website, as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sites.”

Listen to an introductory podcast with Diana, and co-worker Terrance Bowens, on Why Social Media is Important for Workforce Development: San Diego Metro Career Centers WF180 Episode

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