KRA Customers’ Careers Back on Track

PG Cpunty - Second Chance Just AheadArlene and Karen had much in common: single with children; separated from careers in which they had invested many years; and at an age, 47, they felt was an obstacle to re-entering the workforce in positions close to, if not the same as, those they had held.

Neither ever imagined circumstances that would lead them to PGWorks, operated by KRA for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.  Arlene needed self-sustaining employment to avoid applying for TANF benefits, and Karen sought a living-wage opportunity to support her family, as well as to re-pay foster-care benefits incurred on her behalf.

Both enrolled in KRA’s innovative Job-Readiness Academy, updating their workplace skills, including effective job-search techniques, which led successfully to opportunities that began re-building their careers.

Arlene, with 20 years’ experience in Food Service/Hospitality, is a Supervisor II with Sodexo, and Karen, with an MS degree in Management and Professional Corrections’ expertise, gained employment with WIN Family Services.

The commonalities continue, as Arlene and Karen are now back on promising career pathways.


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