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KRA Monthly Spotlight!

Despite lingering COVID-19 restrictions in many KRA-program states, we are continuing to provide Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Service, and Trusted Results for our client-partners and our WIOA and TANF customers across the country. A brief overview of just a few accomplishments follows:   San Diego, CA – Dan Maclean, 59, felt his age and 15+ years out of the job market would work against him finding suitable employment. However, his KRA Career Agent convinced him they could make his 20-year military career as a Navy Seal work for him. Through the Employment Recovery Initiative-Customized Training, Dan received no-cost instruction to earn
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KRA/DC-TEP Virtual Fair Reinforces Customer Engagement

While still observing COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the District of Columbia to protect its residents and visitors, the KRA/DC-TANF Employment Program (TEP) continues to provide innovative solutions for engaging its customers, expanding their knowledge and skills through myriad activities that maximize academic and workforce success. Recently, staff of the Educational and Occupational Training (EOT) and Job Placement (JP) Programs, both divisions of the KRA/DC-TEP, collaborated to develop a traditional event—a College & Career Fair—delivered via a virtual venue—Zoom. Brittany Switzer, EOT Program Manager; Renee Brooks, JP Program Manager; and Shelley Baker, Case Manager Lead, co-headed a blended Program Team, consisting
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