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Customer Thanks KRA PGWorks Team for “The Hope Given”

KRA operates the PGWorks Employment and Training Program—for jobseekers applying for TCA/TANF benefits—for the Prince George’s County (PGC) Department of Social Services The Subject line read: The Hope Given.  Melody Daniel, Program Manager, and Candi Rawls, Career Agent, opened their inboxes to find a message from Mark Shepard that began, “I am reaching out concerning the KRA Job Service team…whose interactions with me were patient, kind, understanding, and provided the information I needed to proceed toward achieving my goals.” Mark, 48, had worked as a Director of Operations/Supervising Chief Engineer until a COVID-19 lay-off. With no income, and UI benefits denied because he
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KRA Reno-based AJC of Nevada Re-opens After COVID-19 Closure

For NevadaWorks, Northern Nevada’s Workforce Board, KRA operates the American Job Center of Nevada (AJCN), which discontinued public access to services on March 18, 2020. Yesterday, the AJCN re-opened its facility in the Reno Town Hall, in compliance with all local and State guidelines, as well as KRA’s own Preparedness & Response Plan, developed in compliance with the latest CDC and OSHA guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 prevention. Mike Smith, Program Manager, commented, “With a regional 14.1% unemployment rate, we are anticipating high customer-foot traffic, and are 100% prepared for the task!  Our AJCN Team is eager to see
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