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KRA Monthly Spotlight!

Our July Spotlight! is a bit of a crossover because the story began the evening of June 28, when the Las Vegas Review-Journal posted “Las Vegas Program Bridges Digital Divide In Public Housing”, featuring members of the Lacksanamyxay family…Mark, 17, now majoring in IT; Lena, 15, studying culinary arts; and Jenna, the youngest, learning about sports leadership and management. The article stated, “For each child, the availability of basic technology outside school is instrumental to success in homework and studying. Until recently, the [family] lacked home access to the internet and a device to connect to it, but the financially struggling family
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KRA YouthWorks! Customer Achieves Multiple Career-Path Goals

May 2018…Keniya Strong, 22, and mother of a 4-year old daughter, enrolled in the YouthWorks! career-development program, operated by KRA for the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC), developer of the Maryland Workplace Excellence Program that combines career assessment and guidance with workplace-skills training to equip young jobseekers with resources that maximize potential for workforce success. A lack of marketable job skills was the most obvious barrier to sustainable employment for Keniya. However, contributing factors included lack of childcare and an unstable home environment, challenges confronted head-on by Vinaeja Gaskin, Outreach Specialist, and Shandra Womack, Case Manager. Vinaeja referred Keniya to the Department of Social Services,
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