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KRA Selected to Support Office of Family Assistance TANF Webinar

On August 22, 2018, from 1:00 -2:30pm (ET), Anthony Featherstone, KRA Director of Workforce Operations, and Sylvelt Walker, KRA Education & Business Services Manager, DC TANF Employment Program, will serve as panelists for the OFA Peer TA Webinar on Developing Stable Employer Partnerships. Recognizing that strong partnerships between TANF programs and employers can lead to better long-term employment outcomes for participants, the Webinar will stress that through partnering with employers, TANF programs gain direct access to information about potential and existing job openings, current occupational and skill needs, and anticipated changes within the organization that may impact jobs. Featherstone and
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KRA Convenes Workforce Development Extravaganza for Out-of-School Youth

The KRA Knowledge2Career (K2C) Academy, a proprietary program operated as a WIOA One-Stop Center for California’s Orange County Development Board, serves the unique career-development needs of young adults, 17 to 24, disconnected from both school and the workforce. K2C, which links academic and occupational development to employment-related services, recently hosted its 2018 End of the Year Summer Extravaganza.  Attended by 40 percent of enrolled K2C Academy participants, the multi-activity event included engaging demonstrations, presentations, and workshops provided by several key K2C community partners and stakeholders, including: Michele Worth, presented Self-Care Through Art, representative of her award-winning Worth Visual Arts Program that helps at-risk teens and young adults learn
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