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KRA Monthly Spotlight!

KRA Supports National OSY Cohort Challenge – Launched in November 2017, by the Innovation and Opportunity Network Community of Practice, the OSY Cohort Challenge was “to unpack out-of-school youth (OSY) engagement and retention, and develop solutions that the field will want.” To achieve its goals, Cohort Teams examined and developed resources in three areas: Empowering Youth as Active Participants; Recruitment, Marketing, and Outreach Strategies; and Using Technology in Innovative Ways through Programming—led by Shawna Wright, KRA Director of Workforce Operations. Between February-May 2018, Team members—selected through an approved-application process—collaborated in sharing their challenges, presenting their own community models, and partnering with
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KRA Presents at MWA Raising the Bar Conference

By all accounts, the MWA Raising the Bar 2018 Conference was a great success, providing more than 900 workforce and educational professionals an opportunity for networking and sharing innovative solutions for the Workforce Industry. For the 2nd year in a row, Joseph Seymour, Corporate Training & Development Coordinator presented a workshop, The Art of 3-D Presentations: Develop, Design, Deliver. Providing insightful instruction on creating effective presentations that engage, educate, and empower, Joseph discussed the skills that can have an undeniable impact on meetings, orientations, trainings, and workshops. John Hattery, Director, Strategic Partners, who also presented at the 2017 NAWB Forum, based his
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Loophole in Federal Law Allows Companies to Pay Disabled Workers $1 an Hour

Reprinted from VOX, May 4, 2018, by Alexia Fernández Campbell Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises, an Illinois nonprofit, billed itself as a vocational training program for people with disabilities. But it essentially operated as a subcontractor for local factories, providing menial tasks to workers with developmental disabilities, such as scraping debris from metal casts. Last week, the Department of Labor took action against the company “after finding nearly 250 workers with disabilities were being exploited.” One of the ways they were being exploited? Self Help paid some workers with gift cards instead of money. The DOL’s announcement underscores the
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