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KRA Monthly Spotlight!

As the month celebrating both Disability Awareness and Developmental Disabilities Awareness, we say good-bye to March—but not to KRA’s dedication to community-based, workforce-services programs that support our jobseeker-customers with disabilities, including those of a developmental origin. However, communities differ widely in their needs, as well as their resources to address those needs. Thus, KRA programs customize service-delivery systems to provide the highest possible quality of service to persons with any type of disability that presents an obstacle to gainful employment. All WIOA American Job Centers (AJC) and TANF Employment Programs (TEP), operated by KRA, develop collaborative relationships with local disability-services agencies, e.g. Departments of Rehabilitation Services, Disability Services (DDS), and Vocational
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KRA Jobseeker Advises: Networking is Key to Success

Parents, Teachers, Career-Guidance Counselors…all advise students and jobseekers, young and adult, that the more education, training, and experience you gain, the better your chances of career success, i.e. good jobs with better pay and advancement opportunities.  Certainly, this is true, in both the short- and long-run as we establish ourselves in the labor market. However, after 18 jobless months, Philip Tan was beginning to think his post-graduate education and 20+ years’ experience were actually obstacles, not assets, to his employment.  Moreover, he was a bit older than those candidates competing for the same jobs. In 1986, Philip earned a BS
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