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KRA Continuous Quality Improvement in Action

As part of its CQI Plan, the KRA/TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated for the DC Department of Human Services, conducts ongoing assessments of key program elements to provide its jobseekers and employers the highest possible level of quality customer service. Responding to the results of an analysis of jobseeker educational attainment, KRA/TEP instructional staff participated in a program, offered by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education, receiving  Implementation Training, eTest Online Coordinator Certification, and eTest Online Proctor Certification related to the administration of  “foundational educational credentialing” programs. Now trained and certified, KRA/TEP Instructors are better prepared to
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KRA Assists Non-TCA Recipients Achieve Success

KRA/PGWorks business-partner, Dave & Buster’s, “the only place to eat. drink. play”, has hired a new Server, Ms. KimoNe Mitchell! For the Prince George’s County [Maryland] Department of Social Services, KRA operates the PGWorks Employment and Training Program for jobseekers applying for, or already receiving, TCA or SNAP benefits.  Customers without dependent children do not qualify for TCA, but are eligible for SNAP’s Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents component. Career Agent Ashelley Wilder reports, “KimoNe enrolled after an extended period of unemployment.  Through our Job-Readiness Academy, we helped her showcase specific abilities, interests, and skills—in addition to considerable wait-staff and customer-service expertise—that would capture a
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KRA 2016 CWP Workforce Stars

Recently, Capital Workforce Partners, KRA client-partner for the operation of the American Job Center (AJC) for Connecticut’s North Central Region, held its Annual Workforce Stars Breakfast and Awards Ceremony. Two of the award winners, Daniel Rivera and Gus Marks-Hamilton, were jobseeker-customers nominated by Mark Allen, AJC/KRA Free to Succeed Retention Specialist. KRA President & CEO Knowlton R. Atterbeary and KRA Vice President & COO Patrick Boxall were among the nearly 200 attendees, gathered to honor the achievements and commitment of area career-driven youth, businesses committed to workforce development, and adult career-seekers who have re-entered the workforce. CWP President & CEO Thomas Phillips opened the ceremony,
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